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Digging Deep Again

A lot of rain and tears have fallen here. Another 500 year flood. Eighth on earth in the last year I read somewhere. Not unexpectedly, one of the first people to check on us was a friend who had eight feet of water in Katrina. She mentioned feeling a bit of PTSD seeing news of the Baton Rouge flood. It wasn’t until AT&T cell service crapped out and Black Hawks started passing overhead that I felt that way too. However, social media connectedness, electricity, and no wind are some ways this differed from 2005. Also, the fast and smartly organized citizen army response. I am in awe of all those who stepped up and took the lead. Many of these people fall into that often discussed and maligned age range of 19-36 years old. Maybe the reason their flood response has been so right on and intense and successful is because they witnessed … [Read More...]