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Brené in Baton Rouge

During the south Louisiana flood of 2016, Brené Brown contacted her friend and spiritual mentor Joe Reynolds, interim priest at St. James Episcopal Church in Baton Rouge, asking how she could help. The result was her talk last night attended by me and about 500 other people that raised more than $50,000 for flood victims. She was quick to offer help she told us because she knew. Her mom had four feet of water during Allison, she and her family were without power, and her pediatrician husband volunteered in the makeshift clinics serving Katrina victims after the storm. She knows the need created by natural disasters and reached out to do what she could. She also said it is inevitable that South Texas will again be in need and knows Louisianans will be there to help. And then she told us a very big secret: We need each other. No … [Read More...]