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In April, Nile Rodgers was honored with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame lifetime achievement award. You may remember him from the 1970s as lead guitarist for the band Chic, a cornerstone of the disco era, but may not know that he has collaborated with an amazing list of artists and produced some of the greatest music from practically forever. This list includes Madonna, INXS, Pharell Williams, Lady Gaga, Keith Urban, and of special importance to me because it's one of my top albums to have if ever marooned on an island, David Bowie's, Let's Dance. Rodgers work includes over 300 million albums and 75 million singles sold, much of this as a collaborator or producer. In his acceptance speech he shared that with  "Every record I produce, I join the band; I try to make every artist believe I have their best interest at heart." And based on … [Read More...]