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Cold and Presence

I had a big aha at last month's ATD Baton Rouge meeting. The topic was effective communication and the speaker showed the Amy Cuddy TED talk on body language and power posing. She also emphasized some of Cuddy's points about posture that makes you small versus posture that expands your presence. As she was saying 'don't huddle over and cross your arms in front of you', I realized I had no choice but pull myself inward in the way she was describing because I was freezing. This is not unusual for me in public places because I tend to dress for the weather and if the forecast is for 90 degrees outside, I wear short sleeves and sandals. Unfortunately, hot outside means cold inside. My aha was that being cold results in me being small. I had actually watched Cuddy's TED talk several times before but it had never occurred to me how much … [Read More...]