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Remarkable Manager* – Polly Watts

*This is the first in my new series Remarkable Managers: What They Do, an in depth look at the actions of managers whose work I know and appreciate. Polly Watt’s dad fulfilled his lifelong dream to operate a bar in retirement when in 1987 he opened The Avenue Pub. Polly, who was living in Kentucky during Katrina, came in to help and ended up working and living in the bar, one the few places open after the storm, for three months. Her father passed a year after Katrina and she then took over the pub moving her family back to Nola. Polly spent the next several years reworking, renovating, and replacing most everything in the building which dates from 1845. Business floundered post-Katrina and she was looking for a customer base. Half the regulars left after the storm and Nola newbies didn’t yet value neighborhood bars. During that … [Read More...]