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You Gotta Act

Adjectives fail ~ words just can't do justice to what has happened along Harvey's path but the images of the devastation stop us in our tracks. The horror, however, did not deter our Cajun Navy whose members began the trek to Houston starting on Sunday as the catastrophe was still unfolding. Because they knew they could help, they chose to act. If you've seen the movie Dunkirk or know the story, there are similarities. Regular people chose to make a move rather than sit idly by in a crisis. Those civilian participants in the "Little Ships of Dunkirk" were in a way, the original Cajun Navy. (Thanks to Richard Flicker for that observation.) It's not only in times of war or crisis that making the move makes the difference. I came across an interesting video of a younger Steve Jobs where he describes his twelve-year-old self calling … [Read More...]